POS Nail Store Demo

Download remote control:

Teamviewer - Download Now

AeroAdmin - Download Now

The POSNailStore demo runs good on FireFox browser, please copy this link: (http://demo.posnailstore.com) and paste it to Firefox browser.

If you don't have it, please click HERE to download and run it on your computer.


Download Now

For Thermal POS Printer Setup by Firefox browser

Step 1: In the Firefox browser. If you had a thermal POS printer (i.e: Star TSP100 model), you need to follow our instruction below:

Step 2: Setup a thermal printer print out customer and employee’s receipt Needs to setup at Firebox browser’s the “Margins & Hearder/Footer” Bar:

          Margins size is 0.0
          Header & Footers are BLANK

Step 3: You don’t need to change anything except unchecked box at Block pop-up windows

Step 4: If you have more than one printer. We recommend you download JS Print Setup. Click HERE for download and following our instruction at red colors below.


If you want our POSNailStore’s performing faster, click HERE for download Fasterfox Lite and following our instruction at red colors below