Cloud POS for Nails & Salon

Cloud Point Of Sale for Nails & Salon

The Complete Suite of Nail & Salon Management Tools

POSNailStore combines the best of Cloud computing, also called SaaS (Software as a Service”) with on-site  and off-line Point of Sale technique. It provides web-based Nails & Salon software to thousands of Nails & Salon Worldwide.

Our system supports every transaction you make, whether it is payment for a treatment or purchase of a product or membership. It also connects to your credit card processor for real-time processing.

Administer your store locations from Firefox browser, desktop or mobile device anytime and anywhere. To provide maximum speed and performance, the POS component of POSNailStore runs on the POS computer in your store. It makes data available on the web in real-time. If your Internet connection fails, the POS is still functional and will update the web once your connection is back online.

Here are some of the many benefits:

Spend less money: Pay as you go and minimize large up-front investments in software and server hardware. Cancel anytime and easily add locations and POS terminals when ready. Subscription pricing includes maintenance – in many cases our subscription pricing is lower than your current annual maintenance.

Fast and efficient administration: Instantly replicate price changes, product additions, etc. across store locations. Data is backed up for you automatically. With Cloud computing you don’t have to worry about server hardware, scalability, security, backups, viruses, application maintenance and system upgrades.

Access anytime from anywhere: POSNailStore is “always on making it easy to grow your business and support multiple locations, POS terminals and remote back office operations including inventory and receiving.

Fast deployment: You can be up and running in a short amount of time compared to traditional software applications.

Easy Installation: Our automated setup couldn't be easier. Installation and updates is a breeze.

Analyze your Data: We offer a wide array of powerful reporting features that allow you to track your sales and customer information in real time.

Options: We are customizable. Easily configure features to match your business needs.

Security: Our online hosted solution guarantees you'll spend more time focusing on what matters. We take care of all your security and backup needs. Our web-based software system on secure servers provides you with Security, Data Protection and Backup—and most of all, peace of mind.

Support: We offer excellent technical support. You will never be left stranded with our comprehensive online forum and one-on-one support.


Employee Management Easily synchronize your employees' schedules with your calendar to simplify managing and booking appointments, plus improve visibility of employee performance and compensation.
Employee Clock In/Out Employee accountability when clock in or clock out, and should problems arise with daily transactions. It’s easy to track down when and where discrepancies happened and who is the employee responsible.
Employee Login Employee can access login any store which have our software.
Manage Compensation Keep track employee payroll by commission (i.e: 60%/40%)
Customer Management Keep your customers happy and coming back for more with advanced customer relationship management, including complete member profiles, preferences and purchase history. Manage your client by number of visiting and dollar spent point (also called Loyalty Program).
Text Messaging Reminders On the go and anywhere, our software integrated with Google calendar which will automatically send a text message reminder to both your client and employee on day of the appointment or time of your choosing.
Gift Card Gift card can be a business in and of itself. Our gift card functionality notifies you when a customer has a gift certificate or gift card you can check the gift balance on screen. Our gift card re-charges feature allows you to add funds to an existing gift card. Gift card redemptions are displayed separately on the sales summary screen, you will see gross sales, subtract gift certificates redeemed to give you a net sales total. Gift card can used by barcode reader or magnetic reader.
Membership or VIP Card Memberships may be created and sold on tickets. A member’s name will be displayed in another color on the screen to alert you that they are a member.
Online Client Booking Simplify your business with an intuitive web-based appointment book, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. That makes scheduling easy for your staff and your customers. This is real-time online booking acts as your virtual receptionist, enabling your customers to book how they want, when they want. Plus, customer allows to booking on smartphone.
Multiple Registers Set up unlimited number of registers (point of sale). You can have single store or multiple stores with as many checkouts as you wish, and they all run on the same system.
Customer Relations & Loyalty (Reward Points) Customer Relation Management (CRM) is used to manage your company’s interactions with clients. Customer contact information and their sales history is recorded, so you will have a complete overview of who your clients are for an improved service.
Product and Inventory Inventory control is an essential part of the system to help keep tabs on your stock. Our POS system makes it easy to update product or service information, take inventory and manage purchase orders. It answers the basic questions of When, Where, What, Why, Who, and How much?
Reports Always have up-to-date information on how your business is performing. See what products are in demand and which clients are your biggest buyers. Also, make bookkeeping less time-consuming – all the needed information is readily available. Data can be exported in a click.
Credit Card Processing Our software can be set up for Credit Card Integration. It will process your credit card transactions and deposit money directly into your account. We’re accepting payments quick, easy and affordable with your software and Payment Processing Incorporation. Checking out at your store should be simple – for you and your customers. Sign up with Payment Processing Incorporation, a global leader in payment processing, and streamline your entire check out process. Just quick, simple payment processing that integrates with the software on your computer. Plus, as a client of Payment Processing Incorporation Credit Card Processing, you will receive low rates exclusively negotiated for your salon. 
Display Price List and Promotion Management Our system integrated with second monitor or SmartTV which display price list, special promotion of services and products by video clips, or advertising from your clientel.
Tips & Commissions It’s easily and automatically records, tracks, and compiles tips and commissions for reports, and employee(s). Once a transaction is completed on our software POS cash register, details conveniently distribute to the appropriate program areas without re-entering the data. This saves time, keeps daily tickets, makes employees easy review daily commissions.
Gift Card Report We make it easy to manage with real-time inventory updates and a customizable site.
Taxes Management Allow you custom up to three different taxes (City, State, Tax over Tax in CANADA)
Discount Management of Services and Products You have three discounts by each service, ticket, and manager discount. Also membership discount by percentage.
Expenses Management Manage your expenses helps you to manage and keep track your everyday, monthly and yearly income and expenses in single place. You can access this tool from anywhere and anytime. It also allows you to compare your income and expenses, which helps you to plan your budget. You can print Income/expense statements.
Custom Message Managemen Manage Print Custom Message, Ads on Customer Receipt and Employee Receipt.
Remote Access Mobility!. You’ve got it with Remote Access to your store whenever there’s an internet connection by Teamviewer remote access software. Whether you’re on premise or on vacation, you have access!.
And More ….. we also have a Customer Walk-ins Register and Job Performing Status, even more features to help manage and grow your business, including Facebook booking, Twitter integration, membership programs, instant gift certificates, etc.

8 Ways That Web-Based POS Software Can Benefit Your Business

Written by Nicholas Hanna

Your choice in POS software is one of the most important considerations for your business, regardless of whether you're running an upstart new mom-and-pop shop or a well-established chain. Many business owners are finding the solutions they need in web-based POS software, which can offer comprehensive service with a smaller price tag. To help you judge whether or not web-based POS is the right answer for your business, here is a list of 8 benefits of a web-based platform.

1. Faster, Easier and Cheaper Installation

Many POS systems put a bad taste in your mouth before they're even up and running, with the installation often taking many hours of trial-and-error, and requiring a substantial number of phone calls to customer support. And of course, this is usually after you have already spent thousands of dollars on new POS hardware that is needed just to run the system. With a web-based POS program, however, there is almost zero installation necessary. Web-based POS is hosted, which means that all the software is on the provider's end.

In addition to requiring little installation, web-based POS also gives you freedom from the necessity of IT tasks, meaning that there is no need for you to worry about software updates, nightly backups, and dreaded system reconfigurations. Spending less time figuring out how to run your computer system gives you more time to properly run your business.

The cost for all this? Significantly less than you would have paid for a traditional system. Web-based POS can run from virtually any computer with an active Internet connection, a quality which by itself saves thousands of dollars that you may have needed to have invested in new equipment. In addition, there is no need to purchase backup software, backup hard drives, or a server.

2. Improved Cash Flow

With just about any standard POS system, you are mandated to pay up-front for the hardware and software, which can be a drain on your capital and initial cash flow. There is always the option of leasing, of course, but this tends to incur a relatively large monthly payment which often ends up totaling much higher than the purchase price of the system. With a web-based point of sale platform, however, costs are typically derivative of a small monthly subscription fee. In addition, this subscription will usually include software updates, maintenance, and technical support - all free of charge.

3. Enhanced Inventory Management

With a web-based POS system, you can track your inventory in real-time, rather than seeing numbers that are updated hourly or daily, like most traditional systems. This includes seeing which items are on-hand, in-transit, and on-order. You can quickly and easily judge how many of an item you need to order, which can save you money that would have been lost a result of over or under buying.

As well, if your business runs at multiple locations, you can easily check inventory at other stores. This allows you to place orders for all stores from one location, saving you from having to essentially draft orders for the same item multiple times As well, if a customer asks for an item that is out of stock at the location they're in, a staff member can quickly and easily check if the item is available at a different store - all right in front of the customer's eyes.

4. Quick and Comprehensive Reporting

As a result of the instantaneously updated inventory amounts, a web-based POS system can produce remarkably accurate reports, telling you by the week, day, or hour how your business is doing. Overall sales, profit after markup, sales attributed to each employee, and many more specifications can all be monitored. This allows you to quickly see if a new sales tactic is working, or if an employee is under performing on a given day, without having to wait until the store is closed. With this information in hand, you can address any quantifiable issues, and potentially raise your sales by the end of the day.

5. Reduced Paperwork

With a web-based POS system, sales for all stores can be tracked in the same database, meaning that each store is not required to generate their own individual paperwork in regards to sales. As well, since orders for multiple stores can be placed together, fewer invoices are generated, which help the accounting process can operate more smoothly.

6. Easier Customer Management

Information regarding purchases a customer made at other stores is easily accessible with a web-based POS system. This relieves headaches in regard to the return and exchange processes, resulting in quicker transactions and happier customers. They can return their purchase at any location, even if they literally bought it just a minute prior at a different outlet. Additionally, implementation of a chain-wide gift card system is made easier, as their use at any location is instantly updated.

7. Improved Sales

Web-based POS software allows sales associates to immediately access customer information from other locations. They can use this information to quickly make valuable inferences as to what a customer's preferences might be, by looking at what they've bought in the past. This allows the associate to provide service that is tailored to each customer, and dramatically increases their opportunities for both up-selling and cross-selling.

8. Off-Site Access

If you're the type who can't avoid work even when you're under the weather, web-based POS gives you an opportunity to monitor and manage your business from home. In addition to tracking sales, you can also update pricing and place orders. This ability means that going on a business trip don’t create a temporary disconnect between you and your employees. Whether you're in the cafe across the street or halfway across the globe, you have the exact same information as if you were in your office.

Due to the fact that web-based POS systems operate over the Internet, there are a few minor issues which need to be addressed. Some businesses find it useful to have a secondary Internet provider, so they don't need to be offline for more than a couple minutes in the event of a lost connection. That being said, broadband internet has become extremely stable over time and outages seem to happen rarely if ever in recent years.

Most business owners have in mind a good return on their investment when they purchase a POS system. Your ROI is determined by many factors with a web-based POS platform. It is necessary to look for a provider that has a reputation for substantial customer service and technical support. As well, you'll want to ensure that their product is specialized to be beneficial to the size of your business, and the industry within which you operate. The ideal POS package will give you all the features you find necessary, and few if any that are unnecessary. Take the time to compare between various POS software providers, to find the solution that is the best fit for your company.

Hardware Compatibility

POSNailStore is compatible with touch screens, bar code scanners, receipt printers, etc. provided by major POS hardware manufacturers. This means you can use trusted equipment with superior technical support.

Bar Code Scanner: Any Keyboard Wedge or USB Bar Code Scanner. It will work as long as it can read code-128 and programmed to hit return after scanning. You can test out your barcode scanner using UPC codes or the system generated barcodes in the POSNailStore demo. Visit at

Cash Drawer: The only types of cash drawers that are possible to support (that open automatically) are the ones that connect to a receipt printer such as MFM Cash Drawer. It will be controlled by receipt printer driver.

Computers Including All in Ones: At least 4GB RAM, Any Windows Environment such as XP Pro, Home, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, POS Ready, Windows Embedded Internet connection required for POS operation, administration and credit card processing.

Computer –Touch screen: Touch tablets using Wi-Fi with at least 15″screen, 4GB RAM, any Windows platform, with or without keyboard can be used for in-store sales, inventory receiving, physical inventory counting and customer enrollment functions.

Payment Devices:  Integrated with credit card processing. However, without integrated with credit card processing is available. Customer receipt will be printed to confirm customer payment by credit card.

Receipt Printers: Any thermal receipt printer with USB connection and Epson emulation. We highly recommended receipt printer for our POS application is the Star TSP 100 ECO using the Firefox browser. Although this is the recommended printer, you can try your own on the demo site to see if it will work correctly. (Make sure to set margins to 0 and remove any headers/footers).

Touch Screen Any 15″or 17″touchscreen with USB. Set Display Settings to Minimum 1024 x 800 pixels.

Take a Look at Our Prices

Purchasing POSNailStore has 2 options. The table below describes the key differences.

  Local POS (On/Off Line) Online
DEMO Login  
Internet Requirement
Owner and/or Cashier(s) Login (*)
Employee Account Login (**)
Data Transaction Speed Fastest Faster
Automatic Daily Backup
Detailed Graphical Reports
Operating System (OS) Independent
Excel Import & Export Capability
Gift Card Transaction Capability
Manage Inventory & Process Sales
Multiple Employees Per Service
Simple to use interface
Bar Code Scanner & Receipt Printer
Multiple Languages Capability Not Yet Not Yet
Customer Tracking
Sales Tax Tracking
Free Upgrades Always Always
Accessibility Guaranteed Anywhere on our Secure Serve Guaranteed Anywhere on our Secure Serve
Setup and Configuration Fees $Call $Call
Monthly Subscription $19 $19
OPTIONAL Features    
Advertising at Second Monitor 50% Commission 50% Commission
Promotion Display at Second Monitor $3/month $3/month
Customer Waiting Status $60/year + $95/Setup Fee $60/year + $95/Setup Fee
Technical Support FREE FREE
FEATURES Coming Soon !!!    
eMarketing Available Available
Integrated with Website
Integrated with Booking Online & Mobile App.
HARDWARE Requirement    
Any PC Compatible with Color Touchscreen Monitor
Runs iPad as workstation (not connect directly to computer)
Connect Thermal Printer (3 inches) to Local Server (TSP100 highly recommendation)
USB Magnetic Reader (3 tracks)
Barcode Reader (OPTION)
Used Keyboard and Mouse
Need to have DSL Connection
Current URL Browser (Firefox)
Router and DSL Provider

(*) Each employee who needs to register online or fill out register form, will be automatically charged by credit card or debit card.

(**) Each Owner or Manager of Package B is free access to use this program.

Operation Systems

Support a FireFox Browser.
Standard Supported
    • Windows 2000 Professional (32 Bit) Service Pack 6a
    • Windows XP Professional (32 & 64 Bit) Service Pack 3
    • Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, Home Basic, Home Premium (32 & 64 Bit) Service Pack 1
    • Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate , or Premium(32 & 64 Bit)
    • Windows 8 Professional, Ultimate , or Premium(32 & 64 Bit)

Hardware Requirements

 Touchscreen system w/Magnetic Reader

12” Touchscreen system with Magnetic Reader

$35 / Keyboard

$25 / Mouse

$95 / Barcode Reader


$250 /USP 3” Thermal Printer $395 /IP 3” Thermal Printer

$135 / Cash Drawer

$65 / Magnetic Reader