Displays the Incoming Call(s)

Incoming Call: Caller ID works automatically; you do not have to activate or deactivate this calling feature. It shows your existing client's profile or displays the name and number of incoming calls if new client. It will appear between the first and second rings on a customer-provided display device or display telephone, giving you the opportunity to screen client calls before you answer. It's store names, numbers, dates and times of incoming calls (storage capacity varies with your display device model if an incoming call is new client.

The name or number of the caller may not be displayed for every incoming call. In some cases, you will see a message on your Caller ID display unit instead of the name and number of the caller. The exact wording of the message may vary depending on the display unit you use. "Out of Area" or "Unavailable" messages may appear for calls made outside specially equipped areas, calls made through an operator, and for certain telephone numbers for which Verizon does not purchase Caller ID information. "Private" or "Anonymous" messages may appear for calls made by people who have blocked the display of their telephone information.

Benefits of Caller I.D.
- Reduced wait times
- Efficiently manage how booking appointment is placed and have them serviced in a timely manner by knowing when time to and to whom immediately.
- Caller tracking
- Track your incoming calls with Caller ID. and discover which returning customer is calling.
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) syncing
- Build your customer database by syncing data  if you have more than one location