Bulk Phone Notify

Phone Notify:
It designed to enable our Point Of Sale application to send up to 5,000 customers just one phone calls per minute using text to speech, recorded files, or both. Phone Notify is very clear voice messaging over its own network and utilize this powerful dialer system to send.
- Automated Remind Booking Appointment.
- Automated Courtesy Holiday or Birthday Greeting Calls.
- Campaign Text to Speech Messages by promotion of products and services.
- Event Planning for Associations, VIP Members, Customers, and more.
- Subscriber event blasts (1 Day Sales, VIP Reservations, Job Notifications).
- Emergency Alert of Storm Weather and Closing Messages.
- Customer see the Phone Notify on the phone better than email.

Phone Notify Features:
- Call both landlines and cell phones.
- Use recorded voice files or text-to-speech (multiple languages).
- Select 30 men vs women voices.
- Schedule calls or send immediately.
- Control outgoing Caller ID display number.
- Transfer calls to live operator.
- Post back call data to your own database or applications.
- Capture recipient’s pressed digits to support phone surveys.
- Respond to these actions in real time.
- Implement reverse notifications to allow users who missed a call to retrieve missed messages.