Bulk SMS Notify

U.S. Carriers are standardized and all text messages are 160 characters (including spaces) in length. When sending a text message to a recipient in the U.S. with more than 160 characters, the SMS Notify!. It will automatically split the message into two or more messages for delivery.

Send or receive text messages easily from our Point Of Sale with the SMS Notify!. A dedicated U.S. phone number to send and receive text messages in the U.S. and Canada.

Benefits of SMS
- SMS is cheaper when compared with voice messaging or web access.
- SMS is non-intrusive and hence messages will be obtained in a discrete fashion.
- SMS does not disturb you if you are busy with an important work.
- SMS has high integration capabilities and so many software programs help you to give text alerts to cell phones if any urgent conditions exist.
- The advantages of SMS are cost effectiveness, comfort, opinion expression, and spontaneity. The main advantage of SMS is its inexpensiveness.
- Text messaging can be done at any place and at any time if you want to chat with your relatives and friends.
- Save your time and the message will be pleasing when the text message language uses abbreviated code in the SMS.
It provides you an excellent opportunity to state your thoughts in public concerned matters. You can also win numerous contests by sending SMS and using SMS. Spontaneity is another remarkable aspect of SMS. It connects to your clients in a greater speed and it surpasses the big oceans and seas to reach the target within seconds. These text messages do not require dedicated time and so you can write messages while waiting for cabs, eating, traveling or during television breaks.