Booking Appointment

This is a function for using in Customers have booked Appointment Schedule for their Services & Products or Employee request before, After choosing Booking Appointment Menu, Monitor will display as below


Appointment Schedule shows by month, by week or by daily, When choosing surely time for Appointment Schedule, Monitor will display as below


- Fill full Customers information consist of Name, Telephone Number, Address

- Then, at the position of Employee Item, choose Service Employee

- At the position of Category Item: Firstly, choose Service & Product. Next, choose accompanying Services, then, press into “ add”

- Chosen Services & Products will display at Service Booking, If wanting to cancel Services or Product, pressing into “Remove”

- At the position of “Notes”: Note to add requests from Customers

- Date from, date to: Appointment Schedule has been chosen, if wanting the change of Appointment Schedule, Please choose blue Icon

- If Finishing, choose Save Booking or want cancelling, choose Cancel Booking