POSNailStore was designed from the ground up to accommodate the Multi-Location, Multi-Store Nail Salon Operation.

As a Cloud Solution, all store information is aggregated and displayed in a simple, cohesive manner on your dashboard, making it easy to get a real-time snapshot of your business.

While supporting complex inventory transfers with a simple mouse click, the POSNailStore system offers unparalleled access control across your organization.

For example, you can setup a special role for your inventory manager, so she can view inventory and create purchase orders, but can't see any sales information. Another example is to create a Regional Manager or Store Manager role, allowing that person to only see his store, employees and products.

Technical Information

The POSNailStore solution utilizes a central database, allowing data to seamlessly flow from the physical stores to your online dashboard. The system allows you to turn any feature ON or OFF at a specific location. For example, Store A may be required to collect shopper information (name, phone, etc.) while Store B does not.

As for the dashboard, an unlimited number of roles (and users) can be created, allowing you to give specific access to specific features/functions without jeopardizing sensitive content (such as sales). This allows you to make sure that people only see what they need to see.