Technical 101 Issue.

When you see 101 issue because

1) Data corrupted;

2) An user entered a special character in booking appointment, customer, employee, gift card, membership card or service name.

3) Overrided one of Point Of Sale file;

If you're not premium plan for technical support, you need to have more knowledged in IT to solve this problem.

#1) Go to MySQL Database, find out special character at first column in the employee table, customer table, employee table, .... then remove it.

#2) If not, go to folder then search by date. You will find out which the most current date of that file which is overrided then let us know. 

If you're premium plan, you need to call US at (888)922-6766 then give us your teamviewer ID and password. One of our technical support will remote to your computer and taken care of this problem. Remember this is not one hour to solve this problem but we will try the best we can.