How to setup Google Voice

If you want to integrate with Google SMS Text Message, The first time you open Google Voice, a wizard helps you to configure Google Voice services on your phone. If you sign out, the wizard reappears the next time you start Google Voice. You can also change the services to use at any time, by changing the Google Voice settings.

Configure Google Voice

  1. Open Google Voice.
    The Welcome screen opens, where you start the process of configuring Google Voice on your phone. The options that the wizard offers you depend on whether you already have a Google Voice account and on the features supported by your mobile carrier.

  2. Sign into Google Voice.
    The account you sign into is the Google Account whose Inbox you open to read messages. It’s also the Google Account that you use for any other Google Voice services that you decide to use with your phone.

    Touch Sign in to sign into the primary Google Account on your phone. Or touch Use a different account to sign in using a different Google Account.

  3. If requested, touch Next to verify your phone number via a text message. Google Voice uses this step to ensure that it can communicate with your phone.

  4. Enter a voicemail PIN.
    This is the code you use to check your voicemail from the Phone application.

  5. Choose which calls you want to make using Google Voice.

    You can choose to make all international calls via Google Voice, to take advantage of Google Voice’s low international calling rates; to be prompted each time you make a call; or to never use Google Voice for calls.

    If you signed into a Google Account that has a Google Voice number, you can also choose to make all calls via Google Voice. If you do, the people you call will see your Google Voice number as your Caller ID, instead of your phone number. 

  6. Configure your voicemail service. The Google Voice application opens the Settings application, which prompts you to select Google Voice or your mobile carrier for your voicemail service. 

  7. Touch Back when you’re done configuring voicemail. 

  8. Touch Finish in the screen that describes Inbox synchronization. Your Google Voice Inbox opens.

Google Apps

Note: If you are a Google Apps for Your Domain user, and want to use your Google Apps address with Google Voice, you first need to sign up for a new Google Account with for example,, as the username. (Your Google Apps for Your Domain account and your Google Account are two different things).

After you've done that, you'll need to create a Google Voice account with your custom Google Account information.