Setup Mercury Credit Card Processing

Upon signup with Mercury you will receive an enrollment letter. This document explains the same information as the enrollment letter.

1. Hosted Checkout password generation:

    1a. To generate your HostedCheckout password, please go to the MercuryView website and click "Account Settings".
    1b. Choose your business under "HostedCheckout Password Management".
    1c. Click generate password. 

Once the password is generated, it must be copied and pasted to the payment section for use in our Cloud/Local POS along with your merchant id listed on this page.

Access your account online. Go to, click Login in the upper right hand corner of the page.
Sign in with your User ID that is on your enrollment letter.

2. Configure at Back Office as shown below.

    2a. Select Mercury at Method Payment and check marked at Credit Card Online.
    2b. Enter your Mercury Merchant ID (also called MID) and Password.
    2c. Enter URL Mercury Portal. (Default URL:
    2d. Enter Mercury Code is giving by our technical support. Please call us if you don't have one.
    2c. Click at "Save To Continue".